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The NATIONAL SURVIVOR ADVOCATES COALITION  (NSAC) is a confederation of Catholics and community of men and women of goodwill and conscience who are linked to each other in the common pursuit to promote justice for survivors of sexual abuse especially by any clergy from any and all religious institutions.

NSAC celebrates the lives of survivors indelibly marked by courageous suffering and struggle against the burdens of sexual violence and insidious denial.

NSAC stands in solidarity with survivors in their lifelong struggles for justice.

NSAC advocates in the media and with government for the safety of all children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

NSAC speaks out to expose outrageous conspiracies of silence and denial by religious and governmental authorities who have betrayed our trust.

NSAC’s anger and outrage has fueled our courage so that we live in hope.

NSAC has a fundamental belief in the healing words of Jesus: “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!”

JOIN US!  The struggle continues each day.

Be informed.  Learn you can make a difference.  Join your voice with the growing chorus for change. Together we are strong.

LIGHT just one candle in the darkness!


National Survivor Advocates Coalition Operations Team

Kris Ward, Ohio  937.272.0308/ KristineWard@hotmail.com
Mike Sweatt, Maine  207.831.3791/ mjsweatt@aol.com
Dr. Jim Jenkins, California  510.599.5173/ jjenkinsphd@earthlink.net
Paul Kellen, Massachusetts  781.395.3628/ PaulKellen@aol.com
Tom Byrne, Ohio  216.295.0817/ Byrne351@yahoo.com
Chuck & Judy Miller, Delaware  302.234.1519/ SNAPDelaware@yahoo.com
Frank Douglas, Arizona  520.404.2489/ FrankDouglas62@yahoo.com
Mike Coode, Tennessee  615.364.2334/ mikeintn@bellsouth.net
Ginny Hoehne, Ohio  937.295.3912/ GinnyHoehne@yahoo.com
Fr. Bob Hoatson, New Jersey  862.368.2800/ RobertHoatson@tgmail.com
Steve Sheehan, Massachusetts  617.319.0477/ Sheehan1777@aol.com
Lisa Kendzior, Texas  817.773.5907/ Lisa.Kendzior@verizon.net
Marge Bean, Massachusetts  781.648.4646/ MargeBean@verizon.net
Sr. Maureen Turlish Delaware 610.212.2770/maturlishmdsnd@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Don Lawler

    Pope Bergoglio joins the ranks of some notorious folks as ” Man of the Year.” In ’38 it was Hitler, followed by Stalin in ’39. George W Bush twice as well as some folks who helped in the peace process.

    Bergoglio’s past and present disregard for decency regarding cleric child sexual violence will catch up to him.


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