Whistle: Tom Doyle’s Steadfast Witness by Robert Kaiser

 Whislte book cover

 He’s intrepid as a fighter for victims of sexual abuse.

You know him as friend, advocate, and champion.

Now there is a book that can help you tell all your friends and family about him.

He is, of course, Tom Doyle.

Robert Blair Kaiser, no lightweight himself in the field of reform, wrote his last book -literally completed on his deathbed – about Tom Doyle.

Kaiser saved the best for last.

Whistle: Tom Doyle’s Steadfast Witness for Victims of Clerical Sexual Abuse has just  been published.

You will want to stick this book in your luggage for a beach read, in your backpack for a bus, train or plane trip, your tote for grabbing every free minute to know more about this man who sees with wisdom eyes, loves with a compassionate heart, and walks with a gait intent on justice for survivors.

The National Survivor Advocates Coalition (NSAC) is pleased to offer this book as a thank you to our supporters as we seek to continue our work in support of survivors.

For a gift of $50 to NSAC, our thank you to you will be Whistle.

You may contact us:

  • through the Donate button at the top of every NSAC News edition,
  • through the Donate button on our website, http://www.national survivoradvocatescoalition.wordpress.com
  • by US Mail at NSAC, PO Box 183, Dayton, OH 45409 (Checks made by made out to NSAC)

Please include your US mailing address. We want you to receive your book.

We appreciate your support


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