A Large Omission and a Second Chance


We note with great chagrin today our large omission of the work that SNAPAustralia has and is doing and our failure to speak about in the editorial It’s a Small World After All which ran in NSAC News Thursday 5/1/14.

SNAPAustralia precedes the Royal Commission by three years shining a light on the search for truth, and being a determined effort to let victims and their families know they are not alone.

With our apology, we say hats off to SNAPAustralia’s coordinator and webmaster, Steven Spaner.

On the SNAPAustralia.org site you will find great information about the Royal Commission, including Public Hearings webcasts, and the Announcements of Issue Papers and Submission, as well as a running news briefing on the many angles of the crisis in Australia and the testimonies of victims.

Our omission does afford us the opportunity to repeat our call to all of our readers and all of those to whom they forwarded this message and yesterday’s edition of NSAC News –this being a gentle reminder to do it, if you haven’t.

It is a small world and it is no stretch of reality at all to consider that children in the United States were and can be in harm’s way by acts of Australian priests, brothers and religious sisters, as well as Australian children from United States priests, brothers and religious sisters who have been stationed in Australia.

Once again, let us make clear that we are not saying that every Australian priest, brother and religious sister who came to the United States or United States priests, brothers and religious sisters who were stationed in Australia abused children. But there is evidence that the molestation of children knows no borders.

There is now an openness in Australia to be in strong pursuit of the truth about the rape and sodomy of children.

We ask you again to consider that you may be the only person on earth able to initiate the contact that will give a survivor or a survivor’s family hope and some measure of peace and certainly a message that they are not alone and that justice may be possible.

A small effort may have an Everest of an effect in an individual life.

— Kristine Ward, Chair, National Survivor Advocates Coalition, NSAC, KristineWard@hotmail.com


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