Landmark Legislation in Minnesota

Hats Off to Minnesota!

The National Survivor Advocates  Coalition (NSAC) salutes the hard but profoundly successful work of Minnesota survivors and supporters to protect children through the passage of a bill in the state Senate yesterday that will, if signed by the Governor, eliminate the statute of limitations on sexual abuse going forward. The Minnesota House recently passed the measure and the same hard work by survivors and supporters took place before the House vote. If a conference committee is not required, it will move directly to Governor Mark Dayton. It is expected that he will sign the measure. 

The legislation also provides for a three year window for those for whom the previous limiting statute had passed. We are pleased that they will have an opportunity for justice.

Minnesotans have been at work on this legislation for 13 years.  We are particularly and extremely proud of our own Bob Schwiderski, a founding member of NSAC and a SNAP leader,  for his dedicated and preserving noble work in this effort to build a coalition of supporters that crossed religious and political boundaries coming together to protect children.


Here’s a link to a news story

— Kristine Ward, Chair, National Survivor Advocates Coalition (NSAC),


One thought on “Landmark Legislation in Minnesota

  1. glorybe1929

    Thank you Bob for all you do. I don’t think most people realize what a WONDER YOU ARE! THANKS AGAIN. AND GOD BLESS YOU. Gloria


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