“ Is That All You Blighters Can Do?”

Words cannot solve the crisis of clergy and nun sexual abuse of children and minors.

Only action can.

That’s why it’s disheartening, to say the least, to read Pope Francis speech about a “courageous” defense of children to protect them from abuse at the end of the Mass he celebrated on Sunday.

But words, it appears, are the extent of it.

Here’s a link to a news story:


Pope Francis, and Pope Francis alone, holds the power to remove Diocese of Kansas City- St. Joseph. MO  Bishop Robert Finn and Archdiocese of Newark, NJ Archbishop John Myers  and to remove them now, at this very moment, in the next minute, the next hour and all of today and tomorrow for as long as he occupies the papacy.

And not only these hierarchs but all the others who did not courageously defend children but actually put them and kept them in harm’s way by  protecting their perpetrators and  covering-up the rape and sodomy these children suffered by the priests and nuns that were and are part of these hierarchs’ responsibility as moral and spiritual leaders.

Sunday’s remarks come after it was reported recently that Pope Francis spoke to the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine for the Faith about aggressively tackling sexual abuse cases. This Congregation is where the cases are lodged. And we used the word lodged intentionally since these  cases move to resolution at a snail’s pace.

So far, we still await the avalanche of the resolution of these cases. In the meantime the priests in these cases remain on paid vacations.

Juxtaposed to the personal style of the papacy changes he has made, the formation of the super Cardinals commission, and his down to earth talk about any number of modern problems that affect humanity and the world, on the home front of Catholicism, the time grows dangerously thin on the credibility front for Pope Francis to do more than talk about what needs done to resolve this largest crisis in the Church in the last 500 years.

We have seen the running of this script before from the previous Pope and the one before him.

Sunday’s remarks call to mind lyrics from the musical My Fair Lady. All the fair lady wants is a bit of “show me” but instead of that, it’s a deluge of words. And so she sings, “

“Words, words, words, I’m sure sick of words,

I get words all day through,

First from him, now from you.

Is that all you blighters can do? “

Well, is it?

— Kristine Ward, National Survivor Advocates Coalition (NSAC), KristineWard@hotmail.com


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  1. Tom Myles

    “ Whoever only proposes to himself to remove that which offends him, falls short: for good does not necessarily succeed evil; another evil may succeed.”

    — Michel de Montaigne, 1580

    Those who call for the removal of bishops and other clergy who have perpetrated the massive cover-up of thousands of priest-rapists are still buying into “Father knows best” syndrome.

    Instead of perpetuating a system which gives absolutely no power to the laity, reformers would do better trying to change the system. In almost every other religious denomination it is the congregants who choose their religious leader. This system should be applied in the Catholic Church, for if the parishioners had chosen their priests and pastors, the would be no sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.

    In the last fifty years there is an estimated 500,000 children who have been sexually abused by Catholic priests. A ten year old child who was abused fifty years ago is now sixty years old and every days suffers the effects of being abused as a child. To give comfort to these mostly anonymous victims, instead of calling for the removal of bishops, let’s insist on the release of all of the Church’s dirty little secrets.


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