Why is the Vatican Briefing on the Pope Emeritus?, by Kristine Ward

Published on March 1, 2013 

We have a simple question for the Vatican today: why is it briefing the news media on what Pope Emeritus Benedict did after 8 PM last night and what he’s going to do today?

 The Vatican has felt some compunction to let the world  know that the Pope Emeritus watched television, slept, said a rosary – and brought a heavy tome of a theology book with him from his previous palace.

The Benedict XVI papacy is over – and the Pope Emeritus said he was withdrawing.

The Vatican should leave it where the Pope Emeritus left it right before he turned from the window of the Castle Gandolfo balcony and slipped from view – “Thank you and good night.”

That should have sufficed for “Amen” in the vernacular of the place.

Public relations reports on him should have been shut down.

But, make no mistake, the Vatican isn’t briefing without the Pope Emeritus’ knowledge and agreement.

This should give us all an insight to the Pope Emeritus’ idea of what his “retirement” will be.

Our bet: more involved than not. Not only with controlling his image but with the doings at the Vatican.

Our suggestion: If the Vatican needs something to do beyond planning for and holding a conclave, installing a new pope, and Holy Week ceremonies, it can begin preparing for its appearance before a United Nations Committee to explain its record on the protection of children from sexual violence and safeguarding them the well-being and dignity.

Our suggestion to reporters: If the Vatican continues to brief on the Pope Emeritus reporters may want to ask what he thinks about his loss of absolute immunity as a head of state and the potential for sexual abuse victims to sue him.

— Kristine Ward, Chair, National Survivor Advocates Coalition, NSAC, KristineWard@hotmail.com


The National Survivor Advocates Coalition (NSAC) is an all volunteer organization of in the pew Catholics and men and women of goodwill supporting survivors of sexual abuse and working to educate society about sexual abuse and to bring about effective legislative reforms. NSAC News is a daily free online news briefing on the scandal distributed online Monday through Friday. To susbscribe email Steve Sheehan: sheehan1777@aol.com.


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